Calendar of Events

13th European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences
May 03, 2021 - May 06, 2021 , Portoroz, Slovenia

Recovery of Biological Products XIX
Jul 11, 2021 - Jul 16, 2021 , Rome, Italy

HTPD - High Throughput Screening & Process Development - Workshop by ESBES DSP section
Sep 12, 2021 - Sep 14, 2021 , BOKU Vienna, Austria

40th International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides & Polynucleotides
Nov 07, 2021 - Nov 10, 2021 , Porto, Portugal

ESBES Section on Food Bioprocess Section

The food industry is a worldwide crucial sector facing changes regarding available biomasses, legal framework and consumer preferences. Facing these changes involves improving process efficiency and product quality, and developing new processes and products, such as products transformed by micro-organisms and functional food. Our section promotes both the collaboration between industrials and researchers and the synergy between biotechnology, bioprocessing and food engineering, to efficiently apply the developments in these fields to agri-food.