Metabolic Engineering and System Biology

Among bioengineering emerging tendencies are the optimised cell factories and the computational models of biological systems based on big data. Accordingly, our fields of work include expression of biosynthetic pathways, identification and overproduction of secondary metabolites of high industrial interest, and application of system biology to industrial problems. We face these challenging topics through sharing approaches and bioinformatics tools to assess complex interactions within biological systems, such as metabolic fluxes.

Scientific field of the section:
  • modelling or computational studies of metabolic pathway,
  • native pathway engineering and development of heterologous pathways for metabolite overproduction,
  • quantitative analysis of the manner in which all the components of a biological system interact functionally over time.
Main objectives:
  • To gather biochemical engineers from academic and industry sides working in the field of metabolic engineering and system biology;
  • To share novel approaches developed in this scientific field;
  • To share calculation tools for assessing metabolic fluxes, including elementary flux modes, compartmentalization, redox status and intracellular non-equilibrium thermodynamics constraints;
  • To focus on the new challenges in this field such as heterologous expression of complete biosynthetic pathway, overproduction of secondary metabolites, application of system biology to industrial problems, development of bioinformatics tools for big data integration and for identification of new secondary metabolites with high industrial interest