Bioreactor Performance

With the emergence of bio-products from microorganisms, ensuring the reproducibility or improving the performance of fermentation processes at an industrial scale has become a matter of high importance. While microbial metabolism is progressively understood, there is still a lack of precise, quantitative process data, subsequent models, and feedback control technologies. Our section aims to serve as a focal point for the development of such bioreactor performance tools.

Our mission is:

  • To identify and help develop novel fermentation and cell culture strategies integrated across the whole of bioprocessing,
  • To encourage the industrial uptake of new technologies and processes: covering design, scale-up(down) and process development,
  • To provide education and continual professional development in the field of fermentation and cell culture,
  • To increase research funding by networking and lobbying National and International decision makers,
  • To provide a platform for workshops and international conferences, involving academia and industry on key topics important for the continual development of existing and novel bio-based products.