ESBES Individual Membership

Individuals, who have an expertise and an interest in the field of biochemical engineering may apply for individual membership. This will allow them to join a section and participate in section activities. Individual members do not have voting rights and are not able to take up any positions of responsibility within a section, unless they are also a member of an ESBES Member Society or ESBES Institutional Member.

ESBES individual members must join at least one section and it is expected that they attend section meetings regularly.

Application for Individual Membership

Individual membership may be requested via the membership application form only.

Membership Fee

ESBES individual membership is free of charge.

Full Section Membership and Guest Membership

Any members of an ESBES Member Society or employees of an ESBES Institutional Member with the appropriate expertise and interest may apply to join a section as a full section member with voting rights within the section.

Individuals who are not members of an ESBES Member Society or employees of an ESBES Institutional Member may apply to join a section as a guest member. Guest members have no voting rights within the section.

Start of individual membership

The decision whether to admit a person into section membership rests with the Section Chair.
In the application form the applicant is required to provide some information on his/her qualification and proposed involvement in the section. The Section Chair takes his/her decision on the basis of this information.

Cancellation of individual Membership

Individual members may cancel their membership at any time. Requests must be made in writing to the Chair of the Section they were a member of and copied to the German office of the General Secretariat.

Membership may, at the discretion of the Executive Board, be withdrawn from any Individual Member who fails to comply with the conditions of membership. The decision of the Executive Board in such matters is final.

ESBES Statutes and Section Guidelines

More information on individual membership can be found in the ESBES Statutes and Section Guidelines.

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