ESBES Member Society Membership

Member Society membership is open to European non-profit making professional scientific and technical societies whose activities embrace either wholly or partly the field of biochemical engineering sciences and:

(A) which meet the conditions and obligations of Member Society membership as set out in the ESBES Statutes and as determined under the rules and/or by laws from time to time; and

(B) which are accepted for Member Society membership by the Executive Board.

Membership Application

If you would like to apply to join ESBES as a Member Society, please complete the application form.

Please send by email to the ESBES Secretariat () a copy of your society’s statutes in English and a description of the society’s activities in biochemical engineering and related fields.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for Societies is currently €500/year.

Member Societies are entitled to

  • be represented in the meeting of members/General Assembly with voting rights; and receive agenda and minutes of meetings;
  • propose candidates for ESBES Presidency/Vice-Presidency and Industrial Representatives;
  • apply for registering events as ESBES events but noting that this event must be held in a European country (European Member Societies only);
  • bid for hosting the European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB) and the European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (European Member Societies only);
  • receive current information via the ESBES newsletters and press releases.
  • Also: as an institutional member, your members/employees have the right to participate in formal Section votes and to stand for leadership positions within the Section (Section Chair and Vice-Chair). Section Chairs automatically become members of the ESBES Executive Board.

Member Societies have the duty

  • to pay to the ESBES on receipt of the invoice from the General Secretariat an annual membership subscription. The membership fee for Societies is currently €500/year;
  • to be represented in the General Assembly;
  • to ensure, wherever possible, that delegates to ESBES’ committees receive financial support, in whole or in part, for attendance at their meetings;
  • to ensure that their individual members are aware of the activities of ESBES and that ESBES is informed about their activities in biochemical engineering such as events in their countries that would be of importance to other ESBES members.

Non-European Societies

A Non-European society may apply to receive the status of full ESBES membership subject to the following requirements:

  • The society should have been a Corresponding Society Member for at least five years (unless this requirement is waived by a resolution of the Executive Board);
  • It should have shown interest in and have actively cooperated with the ESBES and its Sections by, for example, participating in the General Assembly meeting, sending guests to Section meetings, and participating in ESBES conferences.

ESBES Statutes

More information on Society membership can be found in the ESBES Statutes.

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