Case studies: Chemical engineers in the bioeconomy


IChemE produced this to demonstrate the wide range of chemical engineering roles in the biosector – across water, energy, food and drink, health and wellbeing and other areas of manufacturing.
Key messages include:

  • Different entry routes into chemical engineering are available eg starting with a non-chemical engineering degree and gaining relevant skills through further study and work experience.
  • It is possible to become a Chartered Chemical Engineer if you work in the biosector.
  • A range of careers are available in the bioeconomy and they are not limited to one sector.

The career profiles can be used by a range of stakeholders including:

  • Students: to learn about the career opportunities available in the biosector.
  • University Careers Services: to provide students with information and examples of the type of work that chemical engineers do and how IChemE is relevant to them.
  • Companies: to demonstrate the value of chemical engineers in their organisation and to show how IChemE can support chemical engineers in this sector.

While this resource was produced by IChemE, we are happy for it to be shared or used more widely. So please feel free to forward this to your contacts as appropriate and use for yourself if it’s of use.