ESBES Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to Academic Institutions and Registered Companies based inside or outside Europe whose activities relate to the field of biochemical engineering sciences and:

(A) which meet the conditions and obligations of Institutional Membership as set out in the ESBES Statutes and as determined under the rules and/or by laws from time to time; and

(B) which are accepted for Institutional Membership by the Executive Board.

Membership Application

If you would like to apply to join ESBES as an Institutional Member, please complete the application form.

Please send by email to the ESBES Secretariat () information about your institution/company and a description of your activities in biochemical engineering and related fields.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for Institutions is currently €500/year.

Institutional Members are entitled to

Institutional Members have the duty

ESBES Statutes

More information on Institutional Membership can be found in the ESBES Statutes.

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