Demystifying Maths & Stats for Bioscientists
Monday 15th January to Friday 19th January 2018 at the Newcastle University, UK

For many who are faced with a problem that requires the use of maths and stats it becomes an insurmountable hurdle.

In many instances this arises from teaching maths and stats out of context and a failure to utilise latest technology. With a broad awareness of the solution approach and exposure to the latest software tools, the fear can be overcome and significant advances made.

This course aims to teach the essential maths and stats tools and concepts that will enable research students and industrial practitioners to make a rapid impact in their chosen research area. By placing the material in context of industrial and scientific needs, it will enable the participants to appreciate the sources of data and why the specific maths and stats approaches are required.

It will build on foundations gained at an undergraduate level and provide attendees a focused treatment of applied maths and stats using practical examples rather than through exhaustive theorems. Active participation through case studies will re-inforce the understanding of the basic principles and the industrial/ scientific relevance of the methods.

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M3C Course "Measuring Monitoring Modelling and Control (M3C) in Biochemical Engineering"

The 4th M3C Course was held in Vienna, Austria from 3-5 July 2017.
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The 3rd M3C Course was held in Ghent, Belgium from 6-9 December 2015.
Quote from one of our participants:

"The workshop was very challenging yet relevant to bio pharmaceutical manufacturing. It covered a range of topics, starting off with an introduction to process development principles and moving on to in depth concepts regarding data collection in terms of univariate vs multivariate data, Process analytical technology, quality by design and different modelling approaches. The theories were applied in a number of industrial case studies which helped introduce novices to the challenges faced in bioprocess development and how M3C could provide rapid cost effect solutions. In totality , this course conducted by a panel of international experts, including Ingmar Nopens (Ghent University, Belgium) Jarka Glassey (University of Newcastle, UK) Thomas De Beer (Ghent University, Belgium) and Krist V. Gernaey (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark), was a great success".
Arathi Kizhedath, BioRapid MSCA ITN researcher, Newcastle University.

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The 2nd M3C Course was held in Lyngby, Denmark from 1-4 July 2013.

The 1st M3C Course was held in Frankfurt, Germany from 2-4 July 2012.