Calendar of Events

40th International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides & Polynucleotides
Nov 07, 2021 - Nov 10, 2021 , Porto, Portugal

HTPD - High Throughput Screening & Process Development - Workshop by ESBES DSP section
Apr 20, 2022 - Apr 22, 2022 , BOKU Vienna, Austria

Recovery of Biological Products XIX
Jul 10, 2022 - Jul 15, 2022 , Rome, Italy

ESBES Virtual - Platform technologies – enabler for rapid manufacturing of a large vaccine supply to combat COVID-19

September 16, 2021 - September 16, 2021, 18:30 - 20:00 hrs (CEST) - Virtual



Organized by:    ACS-BIOT/ESBES COVID19 working group

Chairs:              William J. Kelly, Villanova University
                        Alois Jungbauer, BOKU University


Leveraging mRNA Platform Technologies to Enable Pandemic Supply of COVID-19 Vx.

Khurram Sunasara, PhD
Group leader in Pfizer Inc.’s Bioprocess R&D group, Saint Louis, MO, USA
Co-lead of Pharmaceutical Science’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine drug substance team responsible for process development, scale-up and process characterization


Applying the AdVacPlatform to Development of a COVID-19 Vaccine

Joanke Graveland-Bikker PhD
Senior Technical Integrator at Janssen Vaccines and Prevention B.V., Leiden, The Netherlands

Pepijn Burgers PhD
Associate Scientific Director at Janssen Vaccines and Prevention B.V., Leiden, Netherlands